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HyperFileShare.com FAQ

Q: What is this service?

A: You can use our service to upload and share your files. We accept any file types.

Q: How can I download a file?

A: Please click on blue download button and download will start.

Q: For how long do you keep files?

A: If you share files privately we keep them for 60 days from the last download. If you share files for our community(publicly) we may keep them longer.

Q: I would like to password protect my files?

A: You can use download URL as your password. It is always unique and strong.

Q: How can I delete my file?

A: Please use delete link which you got when you uploaded your file.

Q: What is maximum file size?

A: Currently you can upload file upto 500MB in size. If you need bigger, please split it on multiple parts.

Q: Can I earn some credits when people download my files?

A: Yes, you can! We have different credits rates depending on the country where your files downloaded from. Each unique and full file download will generate extra credits into your account(available for registered and premium accounts only). You can convert these credits into premium account days.

Q: I registered but did not get confirmation email?

A: Sometimes it happens. Please check your spam mailbox first, it might be there. Please contact us and we can help you activate your account.

Q: MP3 streaming, what is it?

A: You can upload MP3 files and then stream them from our site. Just try it, you will like it!

Q: I have a great idea or suggestion.

A: You can use our contact form and send it to us, we always work for you.

Upload files, share files

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